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February 03, 2003

Straight talk on investing

Funny parody of those Charles Schwab "straight talk" ads done by Saturday Night Live.   Well done, and very amusing.

(Thanks to out friends north of the border for the updated link.)

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Would you please email to me the SNL Straight Talk Video clip. I've tried to download it off of your web site, but have had no luck.

Thank You

Greg Heiple

Posted by: Greg Heiple | Sep 25, 2003 2:38:44 AM

Dear Greg:

The link is broken, and I can't find another copy online. However, here is a link to the transcript of the bit.

Posted by: Spart | Sep 25, 2003 10:06:44 AM

Here is a link to the show that the bit ran on... January 18th, 2003

Posted by: Spart | Sep 25, 2003 10:18:07 AM

does anyone know where to get the video clip of either the parody or the original schwab ad, it would be very beneficial for my class

Posted by: prof | Oct 16, 2003 4:18:49 AM

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