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April 27, 2003

Whackos in the woods

William Booth has a fascinating piece in last Tuesday's WaPo about the counterculture protesters acting as "human shields" to save redwood trees in California's Humboldt County.   It makes me feel a little nostalgic for my own wayward youth, working as a tree planter one summer in GIfford Pinchot National Forest, replanting Doug Firs on recently harvested clear cuts...   I wonder whatever happened to our foreman, who was a charismatic nutcase and bank management training program dropout who lived in a large teepee...   We used to discuss philosophy on the side of the mountain as I busted my ass planting trees for ten hours a day, weather permitting.   It was damned hard work, but great fun, and the pay was good.   We'd start work at 6am or so, and from about 7:30am onwards, all I could think about was how good that first beer would taste after we knocked off for the day.

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