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September 29, 2003

More on Anti-Americanism in Germany

Interesting piece in today's WSJ by Ian Johnson regarding the respectable hearing that 9/11 conspiracy theories are receiving in Germany.   (Link for non-subcribers here, good until 10/6/03.)   Here's a taste...

MUNICH, Germany -- Andreas von Bulow's book has climbed the German bestseller list, his lectures are jammed and, after two years of mounting frustration, his ideas are gaining traction.

His thesis: The U.S. government staged the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington to justify wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is a tentative theory, he admits, based mostly on his doubt that Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist group launched the attacks. "That's something that is simply 99% false," he said at a reading of his book on the second anniversary of the attacks.

A crackpot? A conspiracy theorist who believes that Elvis lives and the CIA murdered Kennedy? Not exactly. Mr. von Bulow, 66 years old, is a former German cabinet minister, a trim, silver-haired man whose book comes from one of the country's most prestigious publishing houses and who lectures at well-known public institutions. He's not alone: In recent months, Germany's leading broadcaster, ARD, ran a purported documentary making similar claims, while half a dozen other German authors have published like-minded books.

"If we are being asked to participate in a new world war that's going to last years, then I expect that the cause of [the Sept. 11 attacks] be explained in the minutest detail," Mr. von Bulow told a crowd of 500 at the reading at Munich's Literaturhaus, which often hosts famous authors. "What we have received is a joke. I've just put together the things that don't match up."

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I am half German and half American. And it makes me angry to witness the Anti-Americanism with such illogical Conspiracy Theories here in Germany. I could just as well claim, that the Jews staged the Holocaust, so someone would take pity on them and help them creating Israel.

Yea, right!

Posted by: David | Jan 2, 2004 3:02:13 PM

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