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September 29, 2003

Why am I not surprised that Crooklyn DA Charles Hynes sat on evidence of corruption?

Interesting piece in today's NY Post by Frederic U. Dicker with more evidence of how thoroughly corrupt Brooklyn's pols are.   While I know that the NY Sun, which has had the best coverage of the Crooklyn scandals, thinks that Hynes is honest.   I suspect that honesty among pols in Brooklyn is a distinctly relative concept.

 Here's a little of Dicker's article:

A federal investigator who launched the probe into the potential bribery of several city lawmakers by Florida-based Correctional Services Corp. said he gave his findings to the Brooklyn District Attorney's Office in the late 1990s - but nothing was done about it.

Stephen Grogan, until recently a decorated senior agent in charge of the Justice Department's Inspector General's Office, told The Post he's shocked the pattern of corruption he discovered in the mid-1990s was allowed to continue for so long.

Speaking publicly for the first time, Grogan, 55, also said details of his findings - possible illegal activities by Brooklyn Democratic Assemblyman Roger Green and other city politicians - had been turned over to Brooklyn DA Charles "Joe" Hynes.

Read the whole thing.

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