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January 12, 2004

Last chance for justice, Part II

This morning I got a phone call from John Kennedy O'Hara, the Brooklyn lawyer who was convicted of a felony and disbarred for registering to vote at his girlfriends apartment.   He was following up on a call I'd made to his lawyer seeking information on the Supreme Court's decision on his petition for a writ of certiorari.

According to O'Hara, the Court had been expected to announce its decision today, after its review at conference last Friday.   However, he had learned this morning that the decision was being delayed until next week.   Its unclear what this means, but he isn't getting his hopes up since less than 2% of all Certiorari petitions are granted.

It was the first time I had spoken with John, and he seemed like a pretty nice guy.   He didn't take himself too seriously, and seemed to have retained a sense of humor about his fate.

He also mentioned that last Thursday's Boston Globe had a nice article on his case and the legal jihad being waged against him by Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes.

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