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May 18, 2004


Giant skeleton found in Saudi Arabia?! According to the authoritative The New Nation (Bangladesh's Independent News Source), an ARAMCO exploration team has discovered a giant skeleton in the Saudi desert known as the Empty Quarter.    According to the article, these existence of this ancient race of giants was described in the Holy Koran.

(Why is that fellow in the upper right quadrant of the picture using what appears to be a shovel to clean out the skell's ear?  Must be some archeologist thing.)

(Hat tip to Geisha asobi blog.)

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This is bullshit. The website Urban Legends says that it was taken from a competition in Photoshop:

"The image first surfaced in October 2002 as an entry in a Photoshop contest run by Worth1000.com. It was created by altering an actual photo of a Cornell University excavation of a mastodon skeleton."

Posted by: Adam | Apr 12, 2007 6:36:36 PM

Look at this one!


Posted by: Jacob | Dec 28, 2007 9:36:01 AM

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