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April 22, 2005

UNSCAM update

The resignations of two senior investigators for Paul Volcker's UN inquiry have yet to break into the MSM, but the public statement from committee member Richard Goldstone (reported yesterday by CNN) have been contradicted by the US deputy assistant secretary of state responsible for relations with the UN. This is from Benny Avni's front page piece in today's NY Sun:

The deputy assistant secretary of state responsible for U.N. issues, Mark Lagon, yesterday said that the top Volcker committee investigator, Mr. Parton, and his aide, Ms. Duncan, quit because they thought the Volcker reports were “perhaps a little too charitable” toward Mr. Annan.
“We aren’t calling for the resignation of the secretary-general,” Mr. Lagon told reporters at the American U.N. mission yesterday. “We haven’t made the decision it couldn’t happen. It’s not ripe,” he added.

As usual, Roger Simon has some useful thoughts on these developments.

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