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September 23, 2005

Cindy, we hardly knew ye. . .

Dr. Bob is worried about the coming disappearance of Cindy Sheehan.

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy! You are a white dove flown into the strike zone of Randy Johnson heat. You are no longer taunting the President–whose handling of political enemies borders on the effeminate. This is Hillary: you have poked the bear with a stick, and there’ll be Hell to pay. For Bush, politics is a vehicle for principles; for the Clintons, politics is principle.

You were useful in your day–eroding the popularity of an embattled President and his compatriots in crime. But Hillary is on the move, craftfully tacking to the center, supporting the war while criticizing it, moderating her stance on abortion, seeking the support of those elusive values voters so critical to her 2008 presidential bid. Hers is a treacherous tightrope: snarling denizens of the Moore, teeth bared, panting for blood while shoveling dollars into the raging furnaces of the Left; on the Right, wary independents and ex-Democrats fed up with Bush–but still mindful of the tainted regency she ruled with an iron fist, concupiscent husband close in tow.

And you are shaking that tightrope, Cindy. . . 


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