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September 22, 2005

Picking up the thrown gauntlet

Tim Blair tagged me, but I'm rolling with it:

1975: 30 years ago.

Living in a college dorm in Portland, Oregon, with an Israeli draft dodger for a roommate. (I think his only friend on campus was his lab rat, whom he named Kafka.) Wearing: jeans and tee-shirts. Hair: in a ponytail. Listening to: Donna Summer. Politics: I thought I was a Maoist. (But I was only 18, so give me a break.) Driving: a falling apart, ten year old Honda 300 motorcycle I bought for $125.

1985: 20 years ago.

Living in a rent stabilized NYC tenement apartment whose hallways smelled of urine and mouse droppings (though I stayed at my girlfriend (now wife's) upper east side apartment most of the time), working 60 hours a week for the man. Wearing: business suits I bought wholesale from a friend of the family's sweatshop (located in what is now part of the ABC Carpet retail empire). Listening to: Madonna's Into the Groove. Hair: corporate. Politics: just recovering from having voted for my first ever Republican presidential candidate (Reagan) after having voted twice (!) for Jimmy Carter. (In my defense, this was before he became certifiable.) Driving (well riding in) a GMC Transit bus.

1995: 10 years ago.

Living in a town house on Manhattan's upper east side with my (now) wife and baby daughter, working 70 hours a week for the man. Wearing business suits custom made in Hong Kong. Listening to: Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise. Hair: still corporate. Politics: right / libertarian. Driving: black Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter in line 6 cylinder.

2000: 5 years ago.

Living in the same house with the same wife, now with two daughters. Quit my job at an investment bank to start my own investment fund. Wearing: a suit when I had to. Listening to: Spin Doctor's Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. Hair: needs a trim. Politics: glad the Clintons were over (as if!). Driving: supercharged, big block Chevy suburban 4x4.

2002: 3 years ago.

Same house, kids, wife. Managing money on my own. Started blogging, inspired by Tim Blair's friend Imre. Wearing: jeans or shorts whenever possible. Listening to: Pink, Don't Let Me Get Me. Hair: usually shaggy. Politics: armed and dangerous. Driving: new Chevy 8.1 liter Suburban 4x4 with DVD player for the kids.

2005: This year.

Same as three years ago. (I know, I have a boring life.)

2015: Ten years from now.

Wearing a burqa, living in Saudi Arabia. Hair: who has time for hair? Politics: Islamist cross-dresser. Listening to: the muezzin's call to prayer. Driving: a beat-up Toyota loaded with explosives. Politics: you're either with us or against us.

I tag:

The Dissident Frogman (now active at No Pasaran!)

Viking Pundit

Captain Ed

Stefan Sharkansky

Roger L. Simon

(Now if someone would only tell them that they are tagged, we might be in business!)

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