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September 22, 2005

Quote of the Day

Slate's Mickey Kaus on why Democrats should abandon troglodyte policies like support for the Davis-Bacon act:

 . . the real problem with laws like Davis-Bacon isn't that they make a few government buildings, highways, and levees, etc., a bit more expensive. It's that--in combination with similar laws that apply to services, and with the civil service laws, and with misguided court decisions that impose special procedural obligations on government (e.g. before workers can be fired or public housing tenants evicted)--they make the private sector more efficient than government at virtually anything both of them do. The result is a pervasive public cynicism about government efficacy that has done more to undermine the case for government action than union lobbying can ever do to support it.

(Am I the only one who wonders why someone as intelligent, clear-sighted and well-informed as Mickey Kaus continues to vote Democratic? I know, I know: it's not a party, it's a secular religion. But still. . .)

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