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September 05, 2005

Sometimes the Scapegoats Really Deserve It

OK, Mayor Ray Nagin and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco deserve a lot of the blame for the New Orleans disaster. But this nitwit, Michael D. Brown, should be fired immediately. Why? Let blogger Brendan Loy explain:

Now this is just absolutely unbelievable:

"Saturday and Sunday, we thought it was a typical hurricane situation -- not to say it wasn't going to be bad, but that the water would drain away fairly quickly," Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown said today. "Then the levees broke and (we had) this lawlessness. That almost stopped our efforts." ...

"Katrina was much larger than we expected," he said.
Ladies and gentlemen, the man who is in charge of our nation's disaster relief efforts is either a clueless idiot or a shameless liar.

I am so angry, I am shaking as I write this, and I find myself almost at a loss for words. Instead of writing out rational thoughts, I'd rather just scream my head off. There are so many insults I want to hurl at this buffoon, so many utterly obvious points I want to make that definitively prove what a complete asshat he is, I don't know where to begin. But let me try.

No one -- NO ONE -- who knows anything about New Orleans's geography and topography and levee system would ever have thought for a single moment on Saturday and Sunday that Katrina, if it followed the predicted path, was going to be a "typical hurricane situation." Jesus Christ!! For how many years now has this article been out there?!? And this one? And many more like them? Did Michael Brown never read them? Was he not familiar with the science? Was FEMA's director unaware of what has been acknowledged for many years as the #1 most serious natural disaster threat in all of America?!? (Or, more immediately, did he not read the National Weather Service's statement on Sunday morning which predicted that Katrina would cause "human suffering incredible by modern standards"?)

If the braintrust running this country really thought that "the water would drain away fairly quickly" after a direct hit on New Orleans from a major hurricane, then my God, our country is run by the most absolutely incompetent bunch of nitwits imaginable. The city is below sea level. Once it floods, there is nowhere for the water to "drain away" to! Everyone knows this!!!

Wasn't the government studying this stuff? Didn't they have all sorts of "war games" and disaster drills, because they had been told by the scientists that the exact scenario that was being predicted on Saturday and Sunday would produce a catastrophic, months-long flood in New Orleans? So what the FUCK is Michael Brown talking about? (I'm sorry, I don't swear on my blog very often, but this is just absolutely fucking ridiculous.)

For more insight on this colossal screw-up, read Loy's posts regarding Katrina beginning on the afternoon of Friday, August 26th. Just keep scrolling up.

Loy's blog is the subject of a favorable article in today's NYT by Andrew Adam Newman.

Finally, why did Tulane University decide at 10am on Saturday, August 27th to close its campus and send everyone home while it took Mayor Nagin another 24 hours to reach the same conclusion. (Probably helping to cause the deaths of thousands of people?)

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