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October 28, 2005

Dishonoring the Dead

Tim Blair reprints a letter from author Lisa Huang Fleischman to the NYT's public editor Byrone Calame. It's pretty scathing, tearing into an article from Wednesday's paper by James Dao for selectively quoting from a dead soldier's letter to his wife in order to distort his view of the war. Dao's article is an outrageous example of agenda-driven journalism and it defames the memory of a brave man who died for what he believed in. It's pretty disgusting, actually, even by the standards of the NYT.


I didn't properly credit Michelle Malkin for being the original source of this story (and the journalist contacted by the dead Marine's family to let her know the full story of what Cpl. Jeffrey B. Starr really thought about his mission in Iraq). As Corporal Starr's uncle wrote to Malkin:

What Jeffrey said is important. Americans need to understand that most of those who are or have been there understand what's going on. It would honor Jeffrey's memory if you would publish the rest of his story.

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