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October 20, 2005

Nigeria to jail spammers?

Nigeria's President Obasanjo

Al Jazeera is reporting (via Reuters) that Nigerian President Obasanjo (the bloke in the picture on the left) has introduced legislation criminalizing email spam. The proposed law would sentence spammers to three to five years in jail.

While it will be a shame to see one of Nigeria's leading industries brought low by intrusive government regulation, this fellow should be pleased to see his hard investigative work pay off.


Today's LAT has a great feature by Robyn Dixon on Nigerian 419 scammers (named after the criminal statute for fraud). The article cites estimates by the US Secret Service that several hundred millions a year are lost by Americans duped by these fraudsters. If these estimates are accurate, and they may well be, it is a stunning testament to the cupidity and ignorance of the great American rube.

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