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December 07, 2005

Cops Like Cortez. . .

. . . for Catherine Woods' murder, at least according to Murray Weiss and Dan Mangan's article in today's NY Post. This part sounded particularly creepy:

The prime suspect in the brutal murder of stripper Catherine Woods phoned her obsessively when they were dating — demanding to know the beautiful brunette's whereabouts and what she was doing, law-enforcement sources told The Post yesterday.

Sources say personal trainer Paul Cortez, 25, also repeatedly checked up on other women he dated — often dozens of times a day.

The pattern of harassment, sources said, mirrors Cortez's actions right before the Nov. 27 killing, when he called his estranged girlfriend Woods, an exotic dancer, from his cellphone seven times in quick succession, sources said.

"Where are you, why are you there, why are you going there, where are you going?" said one source, quoting the kinds of questions Cortez, an aspiring actor and rock singer, would demand of his girlfriends.

A number of women told detectives they were afraid the East Harlem resident would react violently when they split with him, saying he had a problem with rejection.

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It is one thing to have a "problem with rejection", I think we all fall under that description but it is quite another to accuse someone of slitting a woman's throat because he was rejected... Paul trained me at Equinox and was very kind and professional, let's try not to join the "witch hunt" until all the facts are uncovered.

Posted by: A | Dec 21, 2005 11:06:21 PM

i went to high school with paul. well, not only went to high school with him, we were practically best friends. me, paul, and another kid who i'll refrain from mentioning for privacy. we were in plays together, wrestled on the same team, and spent idle time doing the things that high school kids do. he had this quiet passion about him. nobody could deny that there was something that tormented him deep inside, but i have faith that he could control his temper enough to not take another persons life. either way my prayers go out to woods' family and to paul.

Posted by: JR | Dec 23, 2005 1:37:57 PM

well your kind friend did it

Posted by: stoner | Jan 10, 2006 5:49:39 PM

All the facts are uncovered. I study criminal justice and this person did it. Are you people saying someone went in his room and left a journal saying he did it just to make him look guilty? what the hell? i knew him in high school as well and just because you know someone for a few years in high school, does not mean you know them like the back of your palm. No one i know who knew him, even thought twice about the fact that yes this person can do it. Maybe you were too close to see the fact that someone can be a murderer and act completely normal. Look at serial killers. Most of them lived normal lives and were described as nice people. You people would not even believe he did it if he came right out and said yes i did it i killed her.

Posted by: Jan | Jan 22, 2006 10:23:15 PM

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