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December 21, 2005

Yoga Boy Going Down

Paul Cortez was arraigned yesterday for sexual assault charges unrelated to Catherine Woods' murder. However, according to the ADA handling the case, he would have been indicted for killing Woods if the transit strike had not prevented the grand jury from meeting. Reportedly, a bloody fingerprint belonging to Cortez was found at the murder scene.

I received an interesting comment a couple of weeks ago from someone claiming to be a friend and former karate instructor of Paul's:

I have known paul for sometime now and I have to say I was really shocked to hear that he is accused of harming anyone, let alone a lover. I trained Paul in karate for sometime and have been a close from till I left the country for Japan. I have been in Japan for sometime now (a year to date) so I just got an email from a friend say that this was happening.

Paul loves himself too much to even consider harming anyone and for Christ sake no one seems to be looking at the boyfriend or any other possible lovers. The girl was a dancer, God knows what other men out there was into her, so to try and pin this on Paul cause he called her a few times a day is down right foolishness.

My families heart and love goes out to Paul and I will prey for him everyday. Yes, he is a lady lover, look at him he's very handsome and has his life going in the right direction. Where a lot of people can't seem to get started on their chosen paths.

Jason Ieda-Clarke

Somehow, the argument that "Paul loves himself too much to even consider harming anyone" seems pretty lame for a guy who is accused of becoming irrationally angry and obsessive in the face of personal rejection. Mr. Ieda-Clarke (if, indeed, it is him) himself appears to be quite a colorful character.

Narcissistic personality disorder, anyone?


I forgot a couple of other interesting Cortez-related links:

  • "The Brainerd" went to Poly Prep with him.

  • Someone calling themselves Paul Everhard has the hots for his misogynist ass.

  • Here is a link to Cortez' old band, Stillwater, including some pictures and audio files.

  • Finally, read this excellent profile of Cortez' victim, Catherine Woods, from last weeks's NYT. Jennifer Bleyer did a really nice job capturing the tragedy of this senseless murder of young, ambitious woman.

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Paul was the lead singer of a band called RAMZi during his stint at Boston University. Well-known band around campus.

Regarding his former karate instructor's assessment of his demeanor/character: very laughable. Paul definitely loves himself. People with eyes could see that. Not everyone knew that he was so abusive, at least towards women.

Sad story. That's all for now.

Posted by: -JS | Dec 21, 2005 7:35:17 PM

Thanks for that information. If there is anything else you want to share, I'd be happy to listen either here or in an email.

Posted by: Spart | Dec 21, 2005 8:50:39 PM

Listen. I'm not going to identify myself in anyway. All I do want to say was I was a lover of Paul's and never ever did he show any anger or obsession. We had a brief fling but talked regularly, not excessively. So I think that a lot of these comments I've been hearing are unfounded with this "hit'em while he's down" mentality

Posted by: anonymous | Dec 23, 2005 11:25:38 PM

Dear Anonymous:

You're right, of course. Personally, I never knew him or spoke to him, but somehow didn't like the looks of him. Of course, it may have just been jealousy because he was so handsome and fit, but the look on his face seemed to be at once self-absorbed, unhappy, and arrogant. As one commenter put it, he appeared to be tortured by some sort of inner demon, but that is true of a lot of people.

Perhaps he didn't do it. After all, the only evidence we have is a press report of a police spokesman claiming that Paul's bloody fingerprint was found at the scene. If true, this is pretty damning evidence, particular if the blood is that of the victim. But we won't know until there is a trial, if it comes to that.

My fascination with the case, aside from its proximity to my home and the fact that the protagonists all went to the same gym that I did, is WHY? Why would a good looking young guy with all that he had going for him do such a thing? By all accounts, while Paul and Catherine were lovers, it was not as though they had had a long or particularly intense relationship, at least as far as we have heard. And the sequence of events appears to suggest premeditation: that it was not a random event inspired by a cruel word or drunken anger or any of the other factors that define crimes of passion.

If anyone who knew either of them has some insight into this, I would love to hear it.

Posted by: Spartacus | Dec 24, 2005 9:46:58 AM

"Appeared to be tortured" Please that is most of New York on the subway, or hmm during a strike. As for the bloody finger print..if true it is damning and thanks to it; although it is terrible to think anyone I consider a friend could be a murderer, I believe in justice. But we all know not to trust everything printed in the paper. As I recall early in the case papers announced he was seen on surveilance camera, the next day it was retracted.
I don't know what happened, I wasn't there, thank god. All I can say is that it is a huge surprise, while one might be "self-absorbed, unhappy, and arrogant" they don't exactly qualify as a murderer.
I also think about the effect this could have if he didn't do it. Who could be getting off free? I do not by any means want to defend someone capable of commiting such a bloody crime. The whole thing is terrible, while Paul is a bit different and perhaps even tortured, a murderer I have to hope with all my being he is not.

Posted by: anonymous | Dec 24, 2005 11:25:15 AM

paul cortez is a cowardly liar who flew into a fit of jealous, rejected rage.

he will spend most of the rest of his pathetic life at on the jail-house isle.

too bad he never had successful counseling for his inner rage towards women.

paul cortez, may you spend your days before prison learning how to protect yourself in there, you will be sought out by many, many prisoners as a girlfriend.

Posted by: east84thresident | Dec 28, 2005 2:56:29 PM

Paul lied to the cops, was connected to the scene of the crime via cell calls, video, and (now) fingerprint evidence. But some people want to suggest that we look elsewhere for answers to this crime. Sometimes, people want to suspend belief in the obvious because it disrupts their perspective, the truths they've held on to, etc. You have a supposed karate instructor removed from the details of the investigation vouching for Paul's love of himself. A **karate** instructor...you know, one who teaches techniques of violence (don't give me any self-defense/philosophy crap here, please). Yes, he loved himself, believed in his infallibility and perhaps that he could get away with anything. That's why he committed such a heinous crime. Can you love your fellow humans enough to consider Catherine? And want justice to take its course? Or are you more concerned with absolving yourself of association with a killer? This is directed towards all the posts that try to defend Paul's serene demeanor. That's a sh*tty defense, folks. Hard evidence....means, motive, opportunity....those things are a bit more pertinent and substantive. As are those "rare" outbursts that give insight into people's true demeanor. Let's listen to those abused girls and see what they have to say. And by all means, let's see this due process through. Do you really think they have the wrong guy?

Posted by: givemeabreak | Jan 2, 2006 12:26:13 PM

People are innocent until proven guilty. Paul Cortez is a hard-working and talented young man working three or four jobs to make ends meet while finding spiritual solace in the practice of yoga. I'm sorry to say he became unfortunately involved with a woman who was a stripper and a slut (living with one lover, dating others, taking her clothes off for money, lying to her family). "Ava," the alias of Catherine Woods, was a strip-tease dancer who tickled her boobs at older men to induce them to stuff bills down her snatch -- and God knows what she did for "private dances." Give me a break about her mid-western wholesomeness and her "classical training." Classical slutiness, that's what Ava was about! I expect to see Cortez exonerated. There are a number of disgruntled customers who could have done Ava in. The police should be looking at her client list, not hounding this fine young man.

Posted by: J.T. | Jan 7, 2006 4:39:05 PM

Umm...I'll take fingerprint evidence, means, motive, opportunity, over a list of jobs and your character assasination of "Ava." You probably condone the murder of prostitutes because their lives are not worth anything in your view. If you *do* want to compare jobs and sexuality, is Cortez not a slut for sleeping with as many women as he has? And is a past job of his posing nude for people to jerk off to online any more dignified? May Cortez and anyone accused of such a grave crime have their day in court. I don't understand the need to attack the defenseless victim in order to exonorate someone. As a concerned citizen, as a feeling human beeing, you ought to see Catherine as a person, as a victim, whatever her occupation. And you ought to hope that the police chased all leads and that the indictment is based on Cortez's lack of cooperation, unveiled hostile history towards females, connection to the crime scene (surveillance, phone records, bloody fingerprint). If there's something we're missing here, boy I want to hear it. But I don't think Catherine deserved to be nearly decapitated by whoever did it, and I don't think we need to stain her memory.

Posted by: DoubleStandard? | Jan 9, 2006 2:11:11 PM

Ummm. I'll believe that about Cortez posing nude when I see it.

Character assassination! This board is all about assassinating Paul Cortez's character. Even the title, "Yoga Boy Going Down," speaks to a bias against Cortez and a sentimental sympathy for "Ava." The thread is filled with put-downs of Cortez. He's "self-absorbed, unhappy, and arrogant;" he's "tortured;" Spartacus "doesn't like the look of him;" he believed in his "infallibility;" he was "abusive," etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Am I the only one willing to defend the best-looking falsely accused guy since Robert Chambers.

Posted by: J.T. | Jan 10, 2006 9:42:05 AM

Cortez was a happy-go-lucky. He just filled the room with his positivity and cheeriness. He was a pretty straightforward, simple man. A good Christian. There was nothing extraordinary about him. Humble, reserved, altruistic. He didn't date often, in fact he had trouble getting dates and was rather shy. Everybody loved him because he was so nice and polite to all. He really had no ambition other than to help people. Does this describe the Cortez you know? Would this be a fair assessment? Or, perhaps, the complete opposite. Are those of us who've encountered him hitting on a nerve? Do *you* even know him? Or are you just a star-struck devil's advocate? The guy is just plain wierd, disturbed. Intelligent, knowledgeable, talented, artistic. But wierd. Self-absorbed, vain, physically strong, not of sound mind. Moody, conflicted, not normal. I'm not sitting in the evidence storage unit. But these character assessments by even Spartacus who had just seen him around, are incredibly astute. He is absolutely a dark character whether or not he committed this particular crime. Those who seem to fall under his spell appear to be the most trusting/naive/innocent/"star-struck" people who buy into his mysterious aura and artistic facade that he knowingly portrays. Remember, he's an actor by trade. So, when I hear reports of violence/anger towards women, I want to follow up on that. I'm not as shocked as I would be if my local librarian was suddenly pinned for something. You get it? This is the court of public opinion. He'll be tried and convicted for physical evidence connecting him to the crime, if in fact, he committed it. But that doesn't change the fact that if you were profiling him, you'd find one messed up character.

Oh yeah, I saved the best for last...his own diary:

Personal trainer Paul Cortez, charged with slaughtering his stripper
girlfriend in her Upper East Side apartment, admitted his sadistic
crime in a hand-scribbled diary that featured references to sacred
writings favored by Hare Krishnas, The Post has learned.

"He's talking a lot about Hindi gods and people cutting off each
other's heads as sacrifices," said a source familiar with the chilling
diary that cops found in the home of yoga-trainer suspect Cortez, 25.
"He talks about cutting her throat. It's because she won't change her
ways. She won't quit her stripping, and she's living a life of sin.

"The impression is, he's freeing her from her earthly bounds that are
just so distasteful to him. It implies that she would be better off

from: http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/61350.htm

Posted by: Jaya | Jan 10, 2006 11:19:11 AM

Hey JT - Are you really saying that you'll trust the Post with issues of life and death? With the decpatitation and everything, it won't be long before they find out that Cortez came from a very long line of Masons. You know, the real 35th level kind.

Posted by: Not JT | Jan 10, 2006 10:53:17 PM

Anyone who as EVER been called 7 times repeatedly in a row from the same person would be able to spell obsession. Being a survivor of a sociopathic boyfriend myself, I could only conclude that Cortez was the primary suspect.
I am thankful for the NYPD and the hard investigative work they have done. I am proud of the young woman who bravely came forward to press charges on Cortez for a previous assault.
I find peace in knowing that we are in a world run and ruled by God. An eye for an eye, Paul Cortez. You will reap what you sewed.

Posted by: J. Brown | Jan 11, 2006 11:40:11 AM

I knew Paul all through high school. We were not good friends, but I knew him well enough. In fact, I had a crush on him, as did a lot of other girls. He was very mellow and friendly towards most people. I know a lot of people in high school liked him and respected him because he was very talented and seemed like a good human being. However, he was a bit moody and I think he might have alienated some people because of that. However, I would never think, in my wildest dreams, that he could be capable of killing someone. The evidence cited so far against him is very damning and, reading the news, it's hard to believe that he is not guilty. However, I agree with Jaya that one can not trust newspapers like the Post. I don't think anyone should make any concrete judgments until this case actually goes to trial.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11, 2006 12:45:26 PM

notJT and last anonymous: the author credit in this thread appears at the bottom of the text....I think notJT is responding my post under 'Jaya' in asking if I trust the Post. And anonymous is agreeing with notJT.

Folks, nobody said that Paul was mean to every soul he came across or that he chopped everyone's head off. So, it's irrelevant that you think in high school he was moody, but nice enough.

I WILL judge him because I've encountered him and witnessed his strength, anger, moodiness, and dark, brooding demeanor. And I WILL continue to believe that this profile of a person that's emerging from other victims fits well with fingerprint, phone, and video evidence reported by numerous media outlets. It's a consistent portrayal of the person I met.

Oh...and his diary...which I know he keeps...that's pretty damning. I'm sorry, have you guys kept up on this case? It seems like even if we had a video of him committing the murder, some of you would still claim that he was a nice, misunderstood kid, incapable of such a violent crime.

I wonder how your interpretation of the case might differ if it was your SISTER or MOTHER or GIRLFRIEND that was slaughtered. Would you be so quick to chase theoretical ties to the seedy stripper underworld, or would you have your eyes squarely on Mr. Paul Cortez? Why do you discount people coming forth and sharing their personal accounts of his obsessive and dour behavior? Especially when there is all this evidence linking HIM and nobody else to the time and scene of the murder?

When you sense a disturbance in a person....run away. Don't make excuses. Had more people realized this, perhaps they wouldn't have fallen prey to whatever demons possessed him, whatever trauma-induced lunacy and detachment from reality he lived with.

Posted by: jaya | Jan 11, 2006 2:54:45 PM


I'm not saying the guy is not likely guilty. In fact, as I note above, it would be very hard to presume him innocent in light of the evidence cited. I was simply expressing my shock that someone who I knew for some time and seemed normal enough at the time (granted, I have not seen the guy in at least 6-7 years) could commit such a gruesome murder. Perhaps, once it actually touches you in some way, it's hard to imagine such a dark side of human nature.

Posted by: Anonymous | Jan 11, 2006 3:25:29 PM

Anonymous, point taken. It shocks us. It shocked me, in the sense that I know this person. But it adds up. And my point is, that of course, he and anyone standing accused of a crime is owed a fair trial. I just don't like the people who are crushing on him to say "oh he's so cute, he's unjustly accused." Or that there's a lack of police work when we have a matching bloody fingerprint. It's not like police unfairly targeted Cortez. They interviewed both ex-boyfriends and developed an impression of the evasive Cortez and followed up, interviewing people who shared their experiences. And they uncovered contradictions in his alibi, and a portrait of an obsessive lover, whether or not he was this way with every girl he interacted with.

These reports should have never have been discounted as character assasinations, is my point. People who saw this evidence building, have seen his darkness, were befuddled as to why an arrest could not be made. And come forth to share their experiences. I've hated seeing people come to his defense by slandering the murder victim, by trivializing the media coverage (however sensationalistic), and discounting the Cortez's characterization by people who have known him.

Sure, you don't trust everything you read, but do you hear anybody coming forth saying that the other guy was obsessive? Or dark? Or disturbed? Or into yoga, martial arts, etc? Again, the picture that has come out about this insanely fascinating and brilliant artist and personality is accurate. What is the source of this maladjusted soul's insanity and trauma? I don't know. But shock and dismay at having known somebody before their seeming capacity to kill does not supplant the development of a person into a warped, dangerous mind.

Please, for your sake, and others....listen when people point out abnormalities in the behaviors of people. If Cortez did in fact rape the girl who came forward....he thought he could get away with anything. I don't see what a girl has to gain by coming forth one year later to relay that she was anally raped other than her admitted frustration with Cortez's portrayal as a peaceful, nonviolent person and desire to see him come to justice. If she had spoken out sooner, perhaps she too would've been ridiculed and subjected to the harsh words that some have spoken against "Ava." But, she kept her silence. And Cortez may have gotten away with a brutal rape....why, now, could this person who any reasonably insightful person could see has some form of megalomania and invincibility could he not get away with murder? He lied to the police. He lied to the police! He thought he was smarter than them, telling him that he was not where he was. He must have thought that he covered up pretty well. Except for that fingerprint. "Out, damned spot! out, I say!"

Posted by: jaya | Jan 11, 2006 5:04:19 PM

Coming from someone that knew Catherine Woods I am glad that they caught him, my first instinct told me that it was Paul Cortez... the fact that he called her seven times in a row, the fact that he told police that he was at his house when he called her and they have him on tape about a block away from her apartment, the fact that none of her family or friends really knew anything about Paul told me that he had a serious obsession with her and she was really just starting to figure out who she was... she was a beautiful, talented and sweet woman... she had a lot to offer and a lot of time left to change what she was doing with her life. to me and to everyone that had the privelage to know her she will always be little Catherine Woods that had sleep overs at my house, Miss Catherine, She taught and took dance with my younger sister. if ever you wanted to meet a Gentle and sweet woman she was the one to meet... all I can hope for is that he feels the suffering & pain that she felt as he sliced through her neck nearly decapitating her....

Posted by: leetah | Jan 13, 2006 7:46:36 PM

there is just something so strange and dark about this story. one thing is for sure is that the victimization of catherine came long before her murder. how in the world does such an extremely beautiful, graceful talented girl from a stable and respectable family get caught up in the life that she did. it seems she was cursed from the moment she arrived in New York with being surrounded by the wrong people.

Posted by: jim | Jan 15, 2006 12:19:36 AM

Victim? Who're the victims here? What about the men "Ava" hustled at her gentleman's club? What about the men she manipulated? What about the men conned into paying her exorbitant sums for "private dances"? What about the aspiring and gorgeous actor/musician who loved her and tried to save her from a life of degradation and who's now suffering for his pains? Victims--all of them.

Posted by: J.T. | Jan 15, 2006 12:30:13 AM

If JT's continued bizzare and fanatical defense of Paul Cortez is any indication, Cortez has made quite an impression on the gay community. I hope they have an equal impression on his ass in prison.

Yes, JT, I feel so bad for people who paid for lap dances from "Ava." They truly are the victims. Not the corpse of "Ava." And Paul Cortez...poor soul, all he was trying to do was save her. Wonder how you'd feel if some fanatical Christian decided to save you from *your* life of "sin," Mr. JT. ("the only one willing to defend the best-looking falsely accused guy since Robert Chambers.")

Posted by: Jaya | Jan 18, 2006 12:53:55 PM

what about the men (and women) who manipulated and seduced an innocent girl still in her teens and far from home, family and friends, financially and emotionally vulnerable and filled with passions, dreams , and desperation which drove her to things which were extremely out of character for her. she wanted so much to make her father proud. She didn't want her dreams to end simply because of lack of finances and in her mind, the clubs were probably the only alternative. The fact that she continued to live with her old boyfriend while dating cortez only proved her sense of loytalty and devotion. , she continued to let him live with her because she didn't want to kick him out into the street.

Posted by: jim | Jan 25, 2006 9:07:30 PM

Is Paul Cortez gay? Or at least, bisexual? All who know him are aware that he loves women, but he has many feminine mannerisms, has always kept company with many gay people, and almost promotes the image of an ambigious sexuality. Does anyone know of him kissing guys or being involved in any bisexual context?

Posted by: Question | Mar 8, 2006 1:33:02 PM

After all is said and done, this will prove to be a very interesting trial. First Catherine calls Paul late one night for help. Apparently she was drugged at the strip joint she worked in and came to in a bathroom. She didn’t call her live-in boyfriend David for help, she called Paul. That in itself would show whom Catherine trusted to help her. Then the Woods family denies ever knowing Catherine was a stripper although it is a fact Paul called the family almost a year ago to let them know what she did for a living when she was brutalized. Her father came to New York and spoke with Paul directly about the incident. The Woods family then admitted to lying about not knowing what their daughter did for living. Excessive phone calls are a matter of opinion and seems such a lame excuse to pin a murder on someone. Modern technology baffles me so I would be skeptical of anyone being able to pinpoint a cell phone call to begin with. It isn’t like Paul lived a huge distance from Catherine. The yoga studio he attended and the gym he worked at were also close by to where Catherine lived. As far as video surveillance tape ever being available we all know that was a bunch of crock. I would think you need some pretty sophisticated equipment to see an individual in the street after 6:00pm on a dark winter’s night. In one news report you have a neighbor claiming to hear screams and a loud thud at approximately at 6:15pm and noticed Catherine's dog was out in the hallway [what ever became of that poor dog anyway?]. David claimed to have left the apartment at about 6:30pm to fetch the car. So does that mean David was in the apartment while Catherine was being killed? Where was David’s car parked that it took him twenty minutes to get back? And in that twenty minutes David never bumped into Paul? It isn’t like they don’t know each other on sight. Although it was claimed that Catherine fought for her life and there were skin samples under her nails the DNA did not match either David or Paul. Could it be at all “possible” someone other than Paul was in that apartment; especially since it was noted that the apartment door was unlocked. By all accounts Catherine's life was shrouded in mystery and deceipt. Couldn't it be possible that Catherine who still lived with her "ex-boyfriend and had a relationship with Paul might have had other lovers as well? Why is it that the police didn't dig a little further? Why is it that no mention was made of a fingerprint until three weeks after the murder? It was a small studio, why did it take the police so long to find it; a single solitary fingerprint. Being that Catherine and Paul were lovers it wouldn’t surprise me Paul’s fingerprints would be in her apartment. I’ll admit a “bloody” fingerprint can be damning. But was that a blood splatter “over” a fingerprint? And we are talking about a partial fingerprint here. If this were a case tried in a federal court the fingerprint would be thrown out as evidence because it does not have enough points of identification. As far as the individual claiming to be raped by Paul, the DA didn’t believe she would make a reliable witness on the stand that’s the real reason they decided not to pursue the rape allegation. The only reason the police gave any credence to her allegations to begin with was because it gave them the opportunity to fingerprint Paul. Up until then, they had absolutely nothing on him and they still don’t. Also, isn't it just a bit odd that this woman happens to be a close friend of Paul's band leader? Why is it she never confided in anyone about this incident and continued to see and support the band? I think everyone is going to have to keep a score card on this one...

Posted by: doubtful | Apr 12, 2006 10:00:04 PM

I have know Paul for awhile now and I just learned about this after not hearing from him for almost a year. I decided to look him up online in an effort to get in touch. You can imagine my suprise. I have had Paul stay at my home ( when I lived in Boston ) for extended periods of time and I trusted him and had love for him like a brother. I counted him a friend and was sad we lost touch. Heres what I can say from my time around Paul. Paul and I liked to fight and discuss the martial arts its rather normal for fellows in their twentys to be into that but he also was very into tai-chi and mediataion and that stuff where as I was into beating the crap out of ppl going to a mma gym in bridgewater MA.
He also liked to make music and we ( I have several self produced CD's ) collabrated on several peices of music under the name -=Mentalbreakdown=- (in hindsight a somewhat strange choice for a name). I can say in all fairness Paul got a fair ammount of female attention, and we used to joke around about hooking up with women, again normal stuff for twenty-somethings. I saw mentioned someone doubting Pauls "posing in the nude" on web cams and such, I can tell you thats real. Paul not only shared his sexual triumps with me when he would have a beatiful woman, but he also confided in me his sadness that he had done "webcam sex" and was kinda ashamed of it honestly, he also realtated he was rather young when that had happened.
Paul seemed to have the abiltity to not be emotionally involved with some women while he seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve about a select few. Like alot of men, was drawn to women who needed rescuing, and save them which again I feel is a normal reation to a girl you like telling you something like "my dad used to abuse me" and stuff of that nature. Just ask any stripper or porn queen how many emails they get from men (fans) who want to save them from their horrible life, even if its only horrible in their (the mens) eyes.
I have read alot of Pauls writing and have again collabrated with him on songs and lyrics none of which stand out as disturbed in my eyes. For all intensive purposes Paul is a smart creative and socially intellgent person and has expressed to me personally many ideas of love and oneness and the universe, we did in fact have alot of philosophical discussions. With regard to Paul's intrest in "Hare Krishna" doctrine thats a new one to me but I would state he was comfrortabe discussing eastern religions and philosophies. I dont refuse to beleive that anyone is capable of flipping out and becomming mental in a short period of time or even a moments notice, nor will I admit that I am certian of his guilt. There are things in this case that seem to damn Paul, and on the other hand there is my knowledge of him on a personal level with vastly conflict with the idea he would murder someone. I am sorry for the Wood's loss and from losing my own mother at an early age due to medical malpractice I can only relate to them that time heals all wounds.
My desire is that someone else is implicated and there is proof without a doubt that Paul, the person I know to be Paul, would be innocent, I refuse however to be that naive ( this is real life not an episode of law and order) and hope that the system (which we must all put our faith into however it has let us down before) is able to determine TRUTH and if that truth leads to Paul... then so be it.
I am very saddened that my search for an email addy of an old friend has ended this way...

Posted by: e. | Apr 25, 2006 4:34:15 PM

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