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January 05, 2006

Gaza for the Egyptians?

In light of the recent incapacitation of Ariel Sharon, Cardinalpark at Tigerhawk has some interesting ideas about Egypt and the future of Gaza:

I think Sharon's genius was that he decided not to "return" territory to the Palestinians. They never really owned it anyway. Gaza was part of Egypt. In fact, the famed Yasser Arafat was, yes, Egyptian. I think Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza was his invitation to Egypt to come and join the party as guardian of the insane asylum. Sharon was so damn smart, he invited the Europeans to come and play border guard too. Watch perceptions of Israel change as these folks get to experience the local Gazans themselves, up close and personal. Who knows? Maybe Begin tried to get the Egyptians to take back Gaza in 1979 and they refused. This is a wretched place that nobody wants to govern.

Read it all.

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