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January 19, 2006

Self Censorship in the NYT

Steve Cuozzo does a good job of skewering the NYT in a column in today's NY Post regarding the Times' blatant hypocrisy with regard to eminent domain. For those who are not keeping score, the NYT partnered with controversial developer Bruce Ratner in the construction of their new headquarters in midtown Manhattan. (Ratner is also trying to develop a new basketball arena and residential and office complex in over and around the MTA's Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn, that may use eminent domain to condemn a large number of private homes and businesses to make room for the mega-project.) The NYT's HQ project used eminent domain to condemn a large number of small and large businesses, thereby acquiring their property at bargain basement prices, or forcing them out of business. But while the Times' wrote yesterday about the political backlash against eminent domain abuse in the wake of the USSC's Kelo decision, the piece never mentioned the NYT's own economic interest in supporting the practice.

And I thought liberals were supposed to be against taking from the poor to give to the rich?

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