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February 06, 2006

Idiocy Kills

According to a report in the London Times by Ian MacKinnon, survivors of the Egyptian ferry disaster are still being plucked from the Red Sea 48 hours after the ship sank. Despite the fact that people may still be clinging to wreckage, awaiting rescue, the Egyptian government has apparently declined search and rescue help from Israel, the UK and the US. (HT to Alarming News.)

Adding insult to injury, the vehicle fire which ultimately led to the sinking began roughly 20 miles into the ferry's journey. The crew elected to continue on its nearly 200 mile journey rather than return to port. (The ship continued steaming for 110 miles, so it could easily have made it back home in time.) As of yesterday, more than 800 passengers remain unaccounted for, with 401 rescued and 195 confirmed dead.

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