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February 15, 2006

Obituary of the Week: Leo Lazarus

There has been a shortage of interesting people passing into the next world over the past few weeks. However, while this is not quite an obituary, it is close enough for government work:

New York has always been famous for guys like Leo Lazarus, nonstop talkers with big grins, a million stories, and a tune ever on their lips. They were the men who fought hunger during the Depression and then fought the enemy overseas in Europe and the Pacific. Of course this Greatest Generation, as it's now called, is fast slipping away, and we know we are the lesser even though there is nothing to be done for it.

Movie directors used to like to place such characters behind the wheel of a New York City taxicab, and that's exactly where Lazarus spent almost 40 of his 90 years before he pitched over on a Queens street last month, dead of a stroke.

Read the rest of Tom Robbins' "Elegy for a Cabbie" in the Village Voice.

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