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February 10, 2006

Toon Wars Update

Viking Pundit raises the interesting question of why Muslims never got worked up over the South Park episode featuring a cartoon Muhammad as one of the Screen capture from tv show Super Best Friends, protecting the world from evil. (Muhammad's super power? The power of fire, naturally enough.)

Meanwhile, a rational Muslim in LA writes an LAT OpEd asking the question what would Muhammad do? (He suspects that Muhammad would have been way too politically savvy to tarnish Islam's image with this craziness.)

In a similar vein, Michael Kinsley's WaPo column ridicules the NYT -- and the rest of the MSM -- for refusing to show their readers the forbidden images while writing about the controversy at length.

Finally, even the editorial board of the ultra-liberal Boston Globe has cottoned on to the fact that the public manifestations of Muslim rage are being actively promoted by Syria, Iran and Egypt for their own nefarious reasons. (HT to RealClearPolitics.)

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