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March 09, 2006

A Munich Moment on 43rd Street

I'm not surprised. The NYT has officially come out in favor of accepting a nuclear armed Iran. As usual, their position was telegraphed. Last month the Times ran a mealy-mouthed OpEd by MIT political scientists Barry Posen asserting that "We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran." Then, last Sunday, they ran a long feature by William Broad and David Sanger describing the technical difficulties Iran was believed to be having in perfecting their nuclear weapons technology. (Of course, these assessments come from the same people who assured us that Iraq had WMDs and who failed to predict Soviet, Chinese, Indian and Pakistani nuclear programs over the last sixty years, so who knows how much confidence to have in these estimates.)

So, with the groundwork laid -- a nuclear Iran would not be so bad anyway and, in any case, it's unlikely to happen for a few years yet -- out comes the predictable editorial: Facing Facts on Iran. (Oh, and by the way, it's mainly George Bush's fault, of course.)

I'm just glad that we elected GWB in 2004. At the time, I said that my most important reason for supporting Bush was my confidence that he would have the courage to do whatever was necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. I still believe that. Unfortunately, I doubt the Iranian government does, and therefore a number of innocents are likely to die in the coming air strikes on Iran.

On a happier note, Allah Pundit is back and guest blogging up a storm at Alarming News. He is as good as ever, and has been doing a better job of tracking the stories out of Iran than I have.

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