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March 19, 2006

Avast Ye Dumbasses!

A group of clueless pirates operating off the Somalia coast opened fire on two US Navy ships yesterday, with predictable results. Twelve pirates were captured, including five who were wounded, and one was killed. (CNN has some Navy pictures here. They can also been seen in higher resolution at the Navy's website here, here, here and here.)

As an article by Steve Stone in the Virginian-Pilot aptly described:

Why the men opened fire is unclear, but their decision to take on Navy ships in a 30-foot fishing boat was "not too smart at all," said Cmdr. Jeff Breslau, a Fifth Fleet spokesman in Bahrain.

"If somebody shoots at us, they can pretty much expect to die because we will return fire," Breslau said by telephone.

The ships involved in this brief action were the Aegis-class crusier USS Cape St. George and Burke-class destroyer USS Gonzalez. No sailors were injured during the incident.

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