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March 06, 2006

Cartoon Moment

This story from today's NY Daily News is just unbelievable. A lucky FDNY firefighter has a three ton Cadillac Escalade land on top of him after it is launched into the air by an exploding manhole -- and survives with only minor injuries. Amazing.

A manhole explosion sent an SUV flying onto a Bronx firefighter - but he was miraculously saved by his helmet when he crashed clean through a side window.

Firefighter Marc Kroenung, a 33-year-old married father of two, was helping extinguish a manhole fire Saturday when an underground explosion sent the Cadillac Escalade hurtling upward.

SUV on side

The giant SUV came down sideways, with the driver's side window shattering against Kroenung's helmet as the auto crashed to the pavement. He was left standing inside the overturned SUV.

"I just heard the boom and then I'm like, 'What just happened?' " Kroenung told the Daily News last night. "Then I realized I'm stuck." Kroenung was left trapped but not seriously hurt - leaving his fellow Engine 73 firefighters stunned, then joyous after they pulled him from the wreckage on Beck St. in Longwood on Saturday night.

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