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March 09, 2006


Details continue to emerge about that spectacular crash of a rare Ferrari Enzo on the Pacific Coast Highway on February 21st. The Swedish (I think) blog Tjock-Steffe Watch has this purported eyewitness account of Stefan Eriksson's smash-up:

Be careful out there. I was the last one he passed before he lost it. Horrible doesn't do it justice. Those are the luckiest people in the world today just to be alive. How he missed me I still don't know. He was VERY fast and out of control when he passed me on a rise, and his rear tires were in the air at that time. He skidded forever, then took out a power pole and disappeared in a fireball. Stopped another quarter mile down the road. At least the front end stopped there. The engine left the car at the pole. Talk about shock and awe.....

> 'They say he was racing an SLR?'

I never saw anyone else, don't think he was racing anyone. Tell you what, though. The shock wave when he went by me rocked the Expedition hard. I was still shaking a half hour later, and it wasn't the cold..

I stopped just short of a fireball 4 lanes wide and 20 feet tall. He wound up about a quarter mile further down the road. I was only doing about 50; he was going a little faster.."

He has some other tidbits of interest (and in english), including the fact that the VIN's of Eriksson's two Enzo's appear to have been switched. Also, he links to a discussion on a Ferrari message board where Ferrari aficionados discussed the crash in near real-time.

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