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April 12, 2006

Three Lives, Recorded

The UK Telegraph has a trio of interesting obits this week: one of an artistic genius who lived in isolation and obscurity, one of a frustrated hero who tried -- and failed -- to prevent genocidal murder, and one of a classic British eccentric. All are interesting stories, in their way.

  • Joash Woodrow, the artist, has died aged 78. His paintings and drawings only attracted the attention of the art world when he was placed in a nursing home and his life's work was about to be thrown out.

  • Rudolf Vrba, who has died aged 81, survived two years in Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland before escaping to warn the world of Nazi plans to exterminate one million Hungarian Jews in 1944. (Also worth reading is Jon Thurber's obit of Vrba in Thursday's LAT.)

  • Henry Stonor, who has died aged 79, was an enthusiastic founder member of the Vintage Car Club of Malaya and a tireless campaigner for the Karen tribesmen of Burma.

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