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May 01, 2006

Justice Served at the LAT

The LAT's editors appear to have acted quickly to discipline veteran reporter Michael Hiltzik for posting phony comments on his and other people's blogs. The editors cancelled his blog and twice-weekly business column and suspended him for an undisclosed period of time pending reassignment to another beat. They deserve credit for doing the right thing.

In contrast, the NYT's editors once again demonstrated their lack of shame, running a full-page ad listing all the Pulitzer Prizes won by the paper over the years, including the 1932 prize awarded to Walter Duranty for what turned out to be willfully misleading "reporting" on Stalin's socialist paradise. (No link available.) For more on the NYT's history of biased (and ultimately misleading foreign reporting) read this interesting review by Jonathan Alter in last week's book review section.

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