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October 24, 2008

Boycott United Internet AG and 1&1 Hosting

Respected LA blogger and lawyer Patterico has had his domain name stolen by his hosting service "1&1". 1&1 are a subsidiary of the German internet firm United Internet AG, who coincidentally just happen to own sedo who is auctioning off the domain name.

Pretty despicable, if you ask me.

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it is very important to choose your hosting company. Check out the reputation of 1and1 at Red Flag and other blogs before you make a decision. Choosing the wrong one may destroy your chances of success. Investigative journalist, Kelli Jack, has a suit pending against 1and1. Kelli has written 30 articles about this company. She alleges that that 1and1 stole her domain and resold it. She states that: “1and1 Should Be Shut Down.”Also check with the Better Business Bureau of Washington DC and Eastern Pennsylvania and read why 1and1 has an: “Unsatisfactory “rating. My business is in ruins. You may make be making deal with the devil.

Posted by: Warth Publishing Inc | Oct 25, 2008 1:27:57 PM

Ah poohey. I don't believe half of the negative cr*p people write about compaines. Everyone has a hidden agenda. Unhappy people want revenge. Happy ones well...you never really hear from them much do you.
I am sure the BBBitself has many detractor. I always thought of them as sort of extortionists against business who wanted to pay for a better reputation.

Affiliate sites like redflag probably get competing affiliates posting B S to keep their affiliat earnings down...

Understand what you are buying and the Terms and Conditions. Make sure you keep you billing info updated. I doubt you'll run into many problems that can't be fixed.

Posted by: Fred Williams | Dec 28, 2008 4:07:41 PM

Just have to laugh at Fred Williams of WARTH PUBLISHING who posted above. Tried to go to his site before posting this and it was down - "Unreachable" and when I did a whois, guess what, it is hosted at 1&1 Internet! If Fred isn't a 1&1 shill, then he is a victim waiting to happen and extremely uninformed. 1&1 is hands down the worst registrar on earth and the worst hosting company on earth with the most unfair, unethical and draconian user's contracts I have ever seen. If you buy from 1&1, you waive your rights to sue them, waive your rights to file complaints against them, waive your rights to hold them responsible for anything, even if by their direct negligence. They have a long history of stealing domain names, unauthorized credit card charges, and are the only registrar that routinely uses a collection agency against its domain registrants. They make it impossible to cancel services with them (You even have to go to a separate site to do it) and the only way you can cancel your account entirely is by contacting their lawyers by registered mail. (See section 18.2.2 of their contract) Use email and they claim to have never received it.

Don't take my word for all this, do some google searches and read just one of their contracts for yourselves. If you read their contracts and still buy from them, then God help you, because 1&1 sure won't.

Posted by: LegalEagle | Mar 8, 2009 10:22:18 PM

Well, first off, LegalEagle,Fred Williams and Warth Publishing are two different posts, with opposing viewpoints. If 1and1 stole Warth Publishing's domain, wouldn't it show up as being hosted there?

As for Fred, if you want proof of 1and1's incompetence, dishonesty, and unethical practices, visit my site, RippedOffConsumers.org. I posted the whole sordid affair, complete with 1and1's email messages to me as they first took over a month to complete domain name transfers, then tried to charge me for domains I did not want and had no way to cancel, then locked my account, denying me access to 250+ fully paid domains because I refused to let them rob me.

There are 8 posts that would probably be close to a hundred printed pages. If you can read that and still claim I got what I got what I paid for and 1and1 is no worse than anyone else, you are blind.

Posted by: Brian Gothard | Mar 26, 2009 7:35:36 PM

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Posted by: runescape gold | Jul 14, 2009 3:41:27 AM

1and1.com Web Host Provider, all you read above is true, they just locked my domains that they do not own. They will be transferred out or the CEO's ass will be jail before end of week! He is a smart-ass, as he will send you a reply in German, yea like several Americas don't known the language. The Chesterbrook, PA office is a sham front, and a stupid idea of him coming to an American business foundation - Estoppel it shall be if he wants another war, am ready!

Posted by: David | Nov 6, 2009 12:17:09 AM

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